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Message from MD

Planning to study abroad is a very important part of your life. Leaving your home for your studies and career for long time is a turning point of your life to make your dream come true.

During these span of years I have spent meeting new students applying and students already abroad, I find some very important thing lacking; that is preparation and plan. Most of the students are not well prepared before planning to go abroad. Studying abroad means a student has to be prepared to do many things on their own. There will be no body to do your personal things like cooking, washing, etc.

I find some students not making a proper financial and academic plan. Student need to plan how to pay their fees once they start studying; how many hours they are allowed to work part time; what is the wages they get per hour; how many hours they have to study in the university. Some students drop the programme just because they are not able to pay the fees; while they should be well known before they applied to the particular institution. So, it is always better to choose institution which a student can afford to pay once they land in the country.

So, I strongly recommend new student to have a proper academic and financial plan, get adequate information about the institution they have chosen, about the country and city, about the daily living cost.

Any thing you need assistance from our side, we are always there to help you.

So, all the best for your future career to study abroad.

Bigyan Shrestha
Managing Director
Unicampus educational network