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The Test of English as a Foreign Language is used to evaluate the English language proficiency of people whose native language is not English. TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 5,000 colleges, universities, and licensing agencies in 90 countries. TOEFL is the best test for foreign students who wish to study in the United States because it is the most accepted test in that country. The TOEFL Test has undergone several format changes over the years, first as a paperbased test, then as a computer-based test, and now the latest version, the internet based TOEFL (iBT). Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organization that oversees TOEFL, has made several changes to the iBT test with the goal of making it a more accurate measurement of the English Language skills needed for academic success. The new test material is designed to more closely match the English used in an English-speaking environment. The test assesses four basic skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.